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Rekor Scout™ enables accurate license plate and vehicle recognition on nearly any IP, traffic, or security camera. Detection results are displayed within a web-based interface hosted in the cloud or on-premise. Installation is quick and easy, making it the perfect security enhancement for government agencies, law enforcement, businesses of all sizes, and even homeowners.

Improve safety with actionable intelligence.

Industry leading accuracy
Obtain actionable vehicle insights with best-in-class license plate and vehicle recognition accuracy.

Fast installation and set-up
Forget a long set-up process, start detecting license plates and vehicles in under 20 minutes.

Searchable vehicle database
Conduct advanced searches based on full, partial, or completely missing plate numbers and vehicle attributes.

Configurable data retention
License plate and vehicle data can be stored based on your data retention policies and requirements.

Real-time alerting
Using custom, shared, and NCIC hotlists; receive alerts on vehicles of interest the moment they are detected.

Free software updates
Don’t sweat paying for software updates, as they are included in the pricing and taken care of for you.

ALPR Systems

Powerful hardware to pair with Rekor Scout

Deploy AI-powered ALPR systems
Built to function in all environments and weather conditions, our systems provide highly accurate license plate and vehicle recognition to enhance public safety in your community.

Rekor Edge Pro
Mountable license plate and vehicle recognition (ALPR)
Rekor Edge Pro is a complete license plate and vehicle recognition solution engineered for roadway speeds when paired with Rekor Scout®. The system can be deployed in neighborhoods, campuses, and business districts, while also being used for parking management and access control.

Rekor Edge Max™
Fixed license plate and vehicle recognition (ALPR)
Engineered for public safety missions and traffic speeds up to 120 mph, the Rekor Edge Max™ system for ALPR is deployed on the roadside of bidirectional primary roads and highways. It captures and processes license plate and vehicle data on-device within a durable enclosure and automatically sends recognition data to the Rekor Scout® software platform.



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