ASTRO P25 Radio Systems

Your Lifeline to A Successful Mission
The industry’s most trusted P25 radio system delivers reliable and secure wide-area communication with the ability to collaborate across multiple organizations. ASTRO systems are built for the safety of your personnel and the safety of your community.

Proven ASTRO Performance
When lives are on the line, effective coordination is essential. Make sure you choose a trusted mission-critical P25 communication solution. Motorola ASTRO radio systems have been trusted in more than 1,000 deployments and 50 countries.

Always Available, Interopable and Secure
Compliant with APCO Project 25 (P25) digital radio standards, ASTRO radio systems are designed to be always available under extreme conditions, delivering interoperability across disparate systems and technology while securely protecting the network and the information it carries.

ASTRO Radio Systems

At the core of our P25 solutions are ASTRO networks and systems, scalable to meet your needs, now and in the future. ASTRO radio systems support P25 compliant conventional and trunking modes of communication.

Conventional Radio Systems
ASTRO digital conventional offers the right size, right solution at the right price when low call density is expected.

Trunked Radio Systems
Trunked radio configurations offer greater channel efficiencies, allowing higher call traffic on fewer channels.