The simple way to secure your business

Milestone Kite is a reliable video surveillance as a service (VSaaS). Manage and analyze video from anywhere in the world with minimum investment.

Focus on your business, not security. Milestone Kite is easy to set up, manage and update; and can be monitored from anywhere.

Enjoy peace of mind. Protect people and assets with a reliable video solution that safeguards against theft, vandalism and more.

Expand your solution easily and cost-effectively. Choose from 6,000+ devices, and add extra analytic and access control functions.

VSaaS takes care of security for you

Milestone Kite is a cloud-based VMS (VSaaS), so it’s accessible from anywhere and doesn’t require any hardware maintenance. The software is flexible, giving you the freedom to choose from more than 6,000 camera models and a variety of value-adding analytics. Because it is easy to install and run, it will cover your security needs while you focus on your core operations.

How it works

Monitor from anywhere
You have enough to do beyond security, and Milestone Kite gives you the freedom to do it. Monitor your site on your computer, tablet or phone from wherever you are. Real-time notifications ensure you will be kept up to date on anything important.

  • View cameras by site and location
  • Get email, text and push notifications
  • Tap to view alarm events from any notification

Have full situational awareness
Never miss a thing and ensure you are always covered in the event of incidents or insurance issues. With Milestone Kite you have a complete overview of one or multiple sites from a single interface. You can save precious time by being able to review hours of footage in minutes, and document incidents with the click of a mouse. Plus, you know everything is up to date thanks to automatic cloud updates.

  • See recorded and live video playback
  • Easily export and share footage
  • Speed up video reviews with forensic search

Make access control easier
Make entry to your site as easy – or hard – as you need. With Milestone Kite you have complete, centralized control over your entry points with easily configured users, schedules and access levels. You can also create rules and alarms to trigger notifications so you can respond proactively to intrusions.

  • Set door unlocking schedules
  • Add door control
  • Choose from cloud-based integrations

Do more with analytics
Make better business decisions based on data, not guesses. Milestone Kite is compatible with a range of cameras with built-in analytics — or you can make any camera “smart” with cloud-based analytics. From simple visitor tracking to artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can really improve your business insights.

  • People counting and detection
  • Heat maps and vehicle counting
  • Identify people, vehicles and colors

Choose from 6,000+ devices
Future-proof your security solution with the market’s widest range of cameras, sensors and IoT devices from 100+ manufacturers.

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Ideal for small, medium-sized and multi-site businesses

Milestone Kite is an ideal plug-and-play option for smaller businesses, institutions, and venues. You can manage it yourself, and don’t need to worry about updates, cybersecurity, and maintenance – these are automatic.

Businesses with two or more sites can keep a clear and centralized overview of their security. It is also easy to expand your security solution to new sites or temporary ones such as construction sites or social venues.

Combine Milestone Kite with on-premises Milestone XProtect® software for the best of both worlds. It’s ideal if you already have an on-premises solution but wish to expand your security coverage to dispersed sites with minimal effort or investment.

Get the Milestone advantage
Rely on Milestone video technology, with solutions proven in 500,000+ customer sites and 25 years of experience in the industry.