Multi-Family Residential Solutions

Build a safer community with our end-to-end technology ecosystem that unifies voice, video, data, and analytics on one single platform for apartment complexes, gated communities, condos, and multifamily residential buildings.

Solving Apartment Building Security Challenges

Apartment security shouldn’t get in the way of a great living experience. Learn how streamlining access, video surveillance, and multifamily residential gate security solutions can impact your property.

Improve Property Management
Smart multifamily residential security solutions make managing any number of condo and apartment buildings easier, thanks to flexible configurations, remote operation, and intelligent alerts.

Strengthen Security
Unified security systems for apartment buildings allow you to see the bigger picture. Empower your teams with real-time video and combined data streams for proactive protection of the entire property.

Increase Property Value
Today’s tenants want to know their homes are secure. Investing in a modern apartment building security system shows residents you’re prioritizing their safety and protecting their belongings.

An Integrated Technology Ecosystem




  • Instant voice communications to reliably connect teams across workflows and zones.
  • Video analytics technologies to quickly identify and track points of interest across widespread areas.
  • Advanced software and security to centralize command every day and during emergencies.
  • Support services that are always there maintain systems for today and into the future.

Security Technology for Apartment Buildings

Discover future-proof apartment complex and condo building security systems and products designed with multifamily properties in mind.

Intelligent Alerts and Integrated Systems
Cloud-based video monitoring and real-time alerts ensure your apartment building security teams can investigate incidents as soon as they occur, with accurate reporting and sharp image quality.

Customizable Digital Guest Pass
Easily grant entry for visitors, vendors, maintenance, and deliveries with customizable Guest Passes sent right to their smartphone, so they have access to the right spaces at the right times.

Products for Apartment and Condo Buildings

Explore a range of recommended access control and video security systems for multifamily residential buildings and complexes.

Analytic Technologies

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