Finance Institutions Security
and Communication Systems

Motorola Solutions' comprehensive security systems for financial institutions offer an ecosystem that unifies voice, video, data, and analytics on one single platform to help protect against theft and fraud while safeguarding what’s most valuable — your customers and staff.

The Intersection of Technology and Finance Institutions

Motorola Solutions has created the first and only end-to-end technology ecosystem that unifies voice, video, data, and analytics on one single platform — providing you with the foundation of safety you need by addressing the unique challenges of your financial institutions. It has also reimagined how the technologies used to help keep financial institutions safe can do even more — drive efficiencies, improve productivity, and generate better outcomes. Because safety, efficiency, and productivity are deeply interconnected. With the right technologies, you can be faster, smarter, more focused, and more resilient — better at everything you do.

Solving Security Challenges for Banks
MSI’s banking security systems feature intelligent and unified video and access control solutions that help banks remain safe and secure.

Prevent Intruders
Access control systems help you control every entry point within your bank and limits access to restricted areas.

Deter Theft
Ensure your bank surveillance cameras and system protects what matters most, with exceptional image quality and situational awareness of what is happening at your bank.

Secure Your Assets
Our on-premise and cloud-based banking security systems are compliant with global government regulations and built on a trusted, cybersecure platform.

An Integrated Technology Ecosystem

Technology unified by a common platform built to empower you to address the unique challenges of your financial institutions.




  • Instant voice communications to reliably connect teams across workflows and zones.
  • Video analytics technologies to quickly identify and track points of interest across widespread areas.
  • Advanced software and security to centralize command every day and during emergencies.
  • Support services that are always there maintain systems for today and into the future.

Unified Video and Access Control
Easily verify the identity of a person attempting to access a bank using video and access control credentials, with the ability to unlock doors from the camera view.

Greater Image Detail When It Matters
Bank security cameras are built with exceptional image detail, Adaptive IR technology, thermal imaging, and more ‒ so you can detect faster and provide stronger visual evidence when an event occurs.

Next-Generation Video Analytics
Intelligent video analytics bring the most important information to your attention so you can respond quickly and delegate your resources efficiently.

Flexible Access Options
Keep the right areas of your bank secure with PIN-based and touchless mobile entry options, plus seamless integration with bank alarm systems to extend security beyond the front door.

Bank Security and Communication Solutions

Explore Motorola Solutions' wide range of voice, video security, and access control
products designed to help protect your banking and financial institutions.

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