MOTOTRBO Digital Radio System Recording

Eventide is a leading Motorola voice recorder provider of advanced voice recording solutions for MOTOTRBO radio systems. Their mission-critical recording solutions keep a record of audio for archival purposes, a dispatching center frequently captures incoming and outgoing audio on a logging recorder which can record audio on radio channels or telephone lines continuously. The source of the recorded audio can be an endpoint or the console, and the recorder can be a dedicated recorder or a computer using audio recording software.

Advanced Recording Solutions for Mission-Critical Communications

Eventide's mission-critical recording solutions are trusted by organizations worldwide to capture, secure, and reconstruct their most important interactions.

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Logging recorder capabilities are critical to facilitating forensic incident reconstruction and investigation analysis. They are particularly vital in mission-critical settings, such as 911 emergency call centers and dispatch environments for utilities, airlines, and railroads.

Eventide NexLog DX-Series Recording Solution

NexLog DX-Series™ recording solutions are the culmination of over 30 years of mission-critical recording experience. The DX-Series continues the NexLog tradition of reliability and ease-of-use while focusing on Digital Transformation (DX) to meet tomorrow's needs. With expanded solution architectures, as well as enhanced security, scalability, and integrations, the NexLog DXSeries is truly the next generation recorder.

The NexLog DX-Series software includes multi-tier security and a web-based configuration management tool, as well as support for password policies, Active Directory, SNMP, TLS, and AES-256 encryption.

The innovative NexLog Access Bridge option enables a scalable approach to enterprise deployments. Multiple recorders can be linked together for unified searching, replay, incident management, and configuration.

MOTOTRBO System Recording
Eventide is a leading Motorola voice recorder provider of advanced voice recording solutions for MOTOTRBO radio systems. Eventide is an Authorized Application Supplier in the Motorola ADP Program in North America.

Incident Replay
Eventide’s MediaWorks DX browser-based software provides secure recording management capabilities, including flexible search, multiple-call replay, graphical time-line with pan/zoom, variable-speed replay, incident management tabs, audio redaction, voice annotation, audio waveforms, talking time/date, call protection, burning of calls or incidents to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray, export or email incident, live monitor, instant recall, and much more. Refer to the MediaWorks DX product page for detailed information and documentation.

Quality Assurance
The optional Eventide Quality Factor DX call evaluation software module allows supervisors to efficiently evaluate and score call-handling quality. Evaluation questions, answer banks, and skills can all be quickly entered and maintained, and the call evaluation forms can be created through a simple drag and drop process. The evaluation questions and forms can be quickly adapted for special incidents and changing requirements. Quality Factor DX software’s reports are designed to help supervisors measure the quality of call handling and track performance.

Reporting Engine
The highly flexible Reporting Engine DX option for NexLog DX-Series recording solutions is pre-loaded with standard reports, or you can easily build custom reports. Reports are delivered automatically to users at designated times, days, and intervals. The NexLog Reporting Engine gets actionable information to supervisors and directors when they need it, increasing awareness and potentially changing the outcomes of critical situations.

Screen Recording DX
Screen Capture is Eventide’s fastest-growing option for customers who are seeking to drive operational excellence and improve situational awareness. Eventide’s NexLog DX-Series recording solution can capture all activity on up to six display screens connected to each PC. This is particularly helpful when the organization needs to prove what was happening at a particular time or event. When AVL or RMS screens are captured, users can later review where the critical resources were located during an incident.

Recording Capabilities

Telephone Systems: Digital PBX, ISDN BRI, VoIP, Analog

Trunked Systems: CAMA, Analog Radio, T1 & E1, ISDN-PRI, ISDN30, SIP

IP-dispatch Consoles: AVTEC, ZETRON, TELEX, Omnitronics, and many others

Radio Systems: RoIP, trunked, and conventional two-way radio, Motorola ASTRO 25 with AIS, L3Harris VIDA P25, EFJohnson ATLAS P25, Motorola MOTOTRBO, L3Harris/Tait DMR Tier 3, L3Harris/Tait DMR Tier 2, Tait MPT-IP, Sepura/Fylde DMR Tier 3, ICOM iDAS Conventional, Kenwood NexEdge Trunked, ESChat PTT over LTE, PC Screens, and more.


  • Rack-Mountable Systems
  • Integrated Linux Operating System
  • Reliability, Performance, and Compatibility
  • Metadata Integration Capabilities
  • Geo-Location & Search Capabilities
  • Cross Platform Support


  • Improve Situational Awareness
  • Mission-Critical 24/7 Operation
  • Prove What Was Happening
  • Potentially Changing the Outcomes
  • Evaluate and Score Call-Handling Quality

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