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Anyone can claim that their chairs are 24/7 intensive use, but by what standards? Concept Seating’s 24/7 task chairs are rigorously tested to beyond the 24/7 test standards in both the United States and the United Kingdom. That’s not just all talk, we have the FNEW 83-269E and FIRA 055-2009 certifications to prove it.

The FNEW test is the most stringent testing standard in the United States to date for 24/7 intensive use chairs. ANSI/BIFMA is the test standard for standard office chairs. All Concept Seating models pass the ANSI/BIFMA standards as well as the FNEW tests.

The FNEW tests are 10 to 100 more demanding than the ANSI/BIFMA tests. Every piece of hardware and every section of the chair is tested, pushed to the limits to ensure they are able to withstand extreme use year after year. The following is a list of tests that are part of the FNEW testing program. Each of these tests are performed on the chairs repeatedly until the chair either suffers disabling damage (and therefore fails) or reaches the acceptance level designated. All of our parts passed acceptance.

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