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24/7 Seating Built to Last

We have partnered with Concept Seating to provide 24/7 seating solutions for 911 centers and dispatchers.

Concept Seating offers Intensive Use seating solutions designed for 24-hour operations. These chairs are ideal for high-pressure work environments where vital personnel spend many hours seated.

Our 24/7 Chairs

Exceeding the US Government’s most stringent standards with an unmatched warranty, our chairs provide support for people of all sizes around the clock

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Our 24/7 Stools

When the job is at counter height, our heavy-duty industrial stools support people of all shapes and sizes up to 550lbs

Learn more about our 24/7 stool models

When you're interested in learning more about 24/7 seating options and how they can improve your workplace, look at our products on this page - or contact us anytime!